Rain Shadow Episode 3

Rain Shadow

Episode: 3
TX; 8:30 Monday, April 21, 2008
Producer: Tom Warden 0408 953 178
Dur : 30 seconds
Music: Ex Program: The Audreys: Suzanne

You know things were going fine before you came along, now we're on the brink of bloody ruin.
The town turns on Gill.
Just when I think things are ok you slap me down again.
blame stokes the fire.
If you hadn’t sent those tests away, Maybe if you had done you job properly in the first place.
But a risky plan might change their fortunes.
Do you think Kate will go for it / She hasn’t got much choice has she.
A plan that could also seal their fate.
I’m selling the practice / Please tell me your joking
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