Jane Doe: How To Fire Your Boss Remake

Jane Doe: How to Fire Your Boss

Episode: Movie
Producer: Tom Warden 0408 953 178
Dur : 30 seconds
Music: TBA


Shot Shot / Hello
every waking hour is a mystery for Jane Doe
Do you want me to get to the bottom of this or what ?
trusted colleagues are killing their superiors
Shot / Two agents are dead get your heads on right
are they breaking under pressure, or something far more sinister
This is agent Jane Doe, I need you help and I need it fast.
Will she find the trigger, or be the next victim
This thing is one giant pressure cooker waiting to blow up in everyone’s face.
Jane Doe: How to Fire Your Boss:
Premieres Saturday July 12, on the Hallmark Cha
Premieres Saturday 8.30, on the Hallmark Chann
Premieres Tonight 8.30 on The Hallmark Channel