The Girls From Belarus

Girls From Belarus

Episode: Test Promo
TX; Not for Tx
Producer: Tom Warden 0408 953 178
Dur : 60 seconds
Music: Touch of Hope: Johnathan Clark: NM270_Guitar Fakebook 2 (Solos)
Brief Encounter: Paul Wiiliams: CHAP130_Piano Study


V/o We often don’t know what we have, until it’s gone.
Sot She’s got to go sometime – Most kids wait til’ they’ve got their results
V/o and sometimes we are blinded by our own sense of purpose
Sot Has it ever crossed your mind that I have more to offer than cooking cleaning and ironing
V/o but sometimes when we least expect it, we can even surprise ourselves.
Sot I signed us up on the spur of the moment You did what ?
V/o Friday on the Hallmark Channel
Sot This is Nadia and Nelly, This is Bob
V/o They’re two people learning when they open their house, it opens their hearts
Sot There there, your alright now.
V/o With too young girls that have so little, yet so much to give
Sot That’s a kid who’s never known any love
V/o Join them as they rediscover themselves, and each other
Sot people like you ..don’t come along that often
V/o In a touching new drama full of hope
Sot The past few weeks have been the best have been the best we’ve had for ages
V/o The Girls from Belarus
7.30 Friday on the Hallmark Channel
7.30 Tonight on the Hallmark Channel

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And often we’re too involved in our own sense of purpose
And our hearts can grow cold as the time slips by
join two people as they rediscover themselves, and each other