Rain Shadow Episode 2

Rain Shadow

Episode: 2
TX; 8:30 Monday, April 14, 2008
Producer: Tom Warden 0408 953 178
Dur : 30 seconds
Music: Ex Program: The Audreys:,
Oh Honey

I’ve given 15 years of my life to this place, you walk in here……. I wont let you.

It’s a hard life in a hard land.

You’re a hard woman Kate McDonald / Can you handle a gun?

and it’s hard to fit in, when you don’t play local rules.

Your love affair with this place has put both our careers on the line.
/ You don’t hold back do you ? not when I shouldn’t.

Can Jill adapt to the hostile environment?

Put a leash on her or drive her off like you did the rest of them.

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