Rain Shadow Launch

Rain Shadow

Episode: Launch/Premiere
TX; 8:30 Monday, April 7, 2008
Producer: Tom Warden 0408 953 178
Dur : 60 seconds
Music: Ex Program: The Audreys: Long Ride,
Oh Honey, Susanne

a country in the middle of drought,
It’s gotta rain somtime / Does it ?
A town on the brink of disaster.
What am I gonna do Kate ? this is the only thing I know how to do.
A woman on the edge of sanity.
My husband died 10 years ago, I carried on the practice end of story.

SFX Motorbike
Premiering Monday April 7 / 8.30 Monday / Tonight.
Hi I’m Gill, Kate McDonalds new assistant
The new vet lands in the thick of it
Of the last 10 of you I sacked 6, 3 quit before I could and one I never
Rachel Ward
Maybe your going to find it harder to fit in than you imagined.
Victoria Thaine
Your love affair with this place has put both our careers on the line.
Gary Sweet.
Who does a bloke have to kill to get one of these / You’d be surprised
Over 3 sensational nights (Sub 90 minute episodes)
I know what happened /
No you don’t.
The Landmark television event
Will this drought ever end.
Rain Shadow Premieres April 7 on the Hallmark Channel
Monday 8.30 on the Hallmark Channel
Tonight 8.30 on the Hallmark Channel