The Unexpected Journey

The Unexpected Journey
Episode: Australian TV Premiere
TX; March 16, 2006
Producer: Tom Warden 0408 953 178
Base: Tom1
Dur : 60 seconds
Music: Ex program
(Sound effect) Hit Big Distant 1: G Rueger: AM51: track 50
(Sound effect) Hit Low: G Rueger: AM51 track 52

Sot ….You should control your children
GPX imagine these are your kids
Sot Its a rather remarkable find..find? fraternal twins with autism
Gpx and suddenly this was your life
Sot Did you say autistic?
Gpx based on a true story
Sot I have to let you go, I didn’t sign up for this
Gpx mary-louise Parker
Sot I don’t know what to do
Gpx against all odds
Sot whatever’s going on in that head of yours sure is remarkable
Gpx there is hope amongst despair
Sot He says he’s never played guitar before ?
Gpx Australian premiere
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Sot you can do this I know you can
Gpx the power of a mother’s love
Sot they will make fun of us LET em!
Gpx the strength to overcome
Sot I didn’t know you lliked chess / we learned it last week
Gpx you will laugh
Sot laughing
Gpx you will cry
Sot Cheering
Gpx you will enjoy
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A struggle against the system
Against the odds
Against her will
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that from true adversity, we discovery what we are capable of
comes our greatest strength